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Holidays High-Class offers family holidays at a top level of comfort and provision of special services.

We are a family with extensive experience regarding travelling and we make available to you homes with ideal conditions to spend your holidays. Every detail is designed to facilitate a space where you feel comfortable, where you can relax, close your eyes and enjoy the sea or the mountain, all together in a familiar and cozy environment.

Our homes, beautifully restored and decorated, located in areas of outstanding beauty, in Northern Portugal, the South coast of Galicia and proximities of Santiago de Compostela. Some of them have a private beach, others are on the main pilgrimage routes to Santiago (Portuguese Way and two of them are located just 8 km from the historic old town of Compostela.

XacobeoThe year 2010 is Jacobean Holy Year (the next will be in 2021) and thousands of people will come to Compostela through the eight paths of pilgrimage(
One of these paths is the Portuguese Way, which reaches Lisbon from the South and passes through Santarén, Coimbra, Porto, Braga, Ponte de Lima ... and into Galicia through Tui.

The history of the Jacobean pilgrimage to Compostela from Portugal begins in the XII century in Santiago with the presence of senior clerics, nobles and laity Portuguese royals. Well known were the pilgrimages of Isabel of Portugal (A Rainha Santa, Holy Queen), born in Aragon in 1271, daughter of King Pedro III, King of Aragon, granddaughter of King James the Conqueror and great-granddaughter of Emperor Frederick II of Germany, who married , in 1282, to D. Denis, King of Portugal.

Much of the tour of this Portuguese way is supported, since the XII century, by ancient roads heirs descendants of the most important Roman roads that defined the Roman Gallaecia.
With a smooth profile in its path to the North and well marked, the Pilgrims Way is punctuated by an impressive heritage of unquestionable artistic and historical value, landscape and ethnography.
In this regard we must highlight the strategic location of several of the homes we offer.

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